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If you’re looking for some Gunblood cheats to help you win your favorite western shooting game, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you all the secrets that will unlock Gunblood and make you the fastest gun in town.

gunblood cheats

First of all, a few words to familiarize you with this awesome western shootout game. The target is simple: you have 6 bullets and you have to shoot your opponent faster than he can shoot you. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Well, in reality, it’s not that easy. Though it’s very addictive, this great gunfight game takes a long time to master. If you have to move your mouse very fast (imagine that it’s your real life gun) and click the button in quick repetition while aiming directly at your adversary.

The first few rounds are not that hard to pass after that things get complicated. You start feeling that some Gunblood cheats and codes could come in handy. Thankfully, this Flash game Mafa provides a simple option for entering cheats, right from its interface. You just have to know those codes and serials to be able to unlock its unlimited potential. Here is the screen where you can enter the Gunblood cheats:

GunBlood Cheats

GunBlood is a famous shooting game which was created in the style of western movies. The main mission of the player is to kill your enemy before it kills you. Playing Gunblood is very simple – at the beginning of the game, you have to choose your character and enter the cheat code if needed. Then the battle begins – you should move your mouse to the weapon when the timer goes down to zero, you have to aim your gun and make a shot. The one who has better reaction skills win the game.  There are 9 levels in this game, and it is becoming very difficult as you progress.  That’s why, the developers created cheat codes for you, so you can complete the whole game and pass all the levels.

Cheats For Gunblood

  • NOHIT= Use this cheat and you just can’t be killed.
  • MOREAMMO= infinite ammo. Make as many shots as you want, your ammo is infinite now.
  • POINTER= If you are having problems with aiming gun, this cheat adds a laser pointer to it.
  • FASTFIRE= Rapid Fire Cheat.

Also keep in mind, that there are Level Codes for Gunblood, using them you can play any level you want without passing the previous.  Gunblood Level Codes are:

  • Gunblood Online Game – Level 1
  • Gunblood Online Game – Level 1
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 3
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 4
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 5
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 6
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 7
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 8
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 9
  • GunBlood Online Game – Level 10
  • Cheats Code for Gunblood – Bonus Level 1
  • Cheats Code for Gunblood – Bonus Level 2
  • Cheats Code for Gunblood – Bonus Level 3

So, if you want to test this cheat codes right now, here you are the official game. You can try the level codes as well as cheat codes at our website. Hope you will have a great time.

GunBlood cheats

Right before starting the battle, on the same screen where you get to choose your own character (I personally like best the eye-masked one, but you can select your own favorite), there’s a field here where you can input some cheat codes for Gunblood. Then you press the Cheat button and voila! you’ll be winning in no time now.

We will present to you all the codes that are available for Gunblood and explain them a little, so that you know which one will benefit you the most.

1. The 1st Gunblood cheat: NOHIT

This means exactly what it sounds like, you cannot get hit by the opponent. You still have to aim your best when shooting for bottles and birds, but will give you a great advantage against your poor cowboy rival.

2. The 2nd Gunblood cheat: MOREAMMO

This nice little trick grants you with infinite ammunition, a never-ending supply of bullets. Just remember, in the bonus rounds you’ll be forced to shoot your own assistant when he’s juggling with bottles for example. I know, ouch! But he knew what he was getting into.

3. The 3rd Gunblood cheat: POINTER

Always wanted to be the sniper you see in the movies? Well, here’s your chance. This code will give you the advantage of a laser pointer added to your mouse. You’ll no longer be shooting blindly, you’ll know exactly what you’re aiming at and hit it with more precision. A sporting improvement to the game, something that should have been implemented from the beginning of the Gunblood western shootout.

4. The 4th Gunblood cheat: FASTFIRE

Again, a code that’s pretty much self-explanatory: you’ll able to click and to shoot much faster by using it. It’s good for times when you don’t have such a good, high-quality mouse, maybe not even an optical one. This gives you that needed the push to kill your adversary, and is one of the most used of the Gunblood cheats.

These are all the available Gunblood cheats that you can use, for levels 1 through 9 and for bonus levels 1 through 4. Have you ever looked at the table for Gunblood high scores?

You’ve always wondered how people get in that great hall of fame. You’ve always wanted to be there and have your name seen by thousands of envious players.

Well, using the above Gunblood cheat codes you’ll have a great chance of getting into the high scores ranking.

We’ve also got some more advice for you, some Gunblood tips and tricks for you:

  • Try to be as accurate as you can – if you miss your opponent and waste bullets this will lower your score for that round
  • Speed is the utmost important factor – something pretty obvious, but this can be improved by always aiming for the head of the cowboy. A headshot will bring you the most points and net you a quick win
  • Save as much life as you can – the final score is also heavily influenced by how many hits you took. If you win the round but are barely breathing – well, the score will definitely be lower than what you could’ve gotten otherwise.
  • The perfect round gives you 30 points – that what you’re aiming for each time, so don’t be sloppy and start shooting around without hitting anything in the process. Be composed and aim your mouse first before clicking the trigger, so to speak.
  • Master the bonus rounds – make the best of these bonus rounds, especially when using Gunblood cheats. They give you points and do not endanger your life, as do the live shooting rounds against opponents. So keep as concentrated as you can during these rounds and shoot all the damn bottles or birds or even knives.

This game is not just something to pass the time with. It has a great community and the huge number of players behind, with the high scores getting higher each day.

Even when using some Gunblood cheats, you’re not always guaranteed the highest spot.

It takes skill, practice and above all, a steady hand. It improves your reflexes and gives you that competitive edge that you can always transport to real life.

We’ve done our part in assisting you to be a better player (and the fastest gun in the West), feel free to browse some of our other articles that explain different aspects of the game and improve your knowledge of it.

Unblock Gunblood and your inner shooting ace! Even if you have to use some Gunblood cheats to do it. A won round is still a one round, no matter how you played it. Cheers!

Gunblood Cheats

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