GunBlood 2

GunBlood 2 Game

Gunblood 2 is the sequel to the popular and addictive Gunblood Flash browser game. Wolf Games, the company behind this browser-based shooter, are also responsible for some similar and highly entertaining Flash games like Apple Shooter, where, instead of a revolver, you use a bow and arrow. The start of the Gunblood 2 has you choose between one of ten characters of different genders, each with their own distinct look, as well as additional models for those with a cheat code. The game features a Western theme, with the characters all wearing classic cowboy boots, and the weapon of choice you will use regardless of the model you picked is an old six-shooter.

Gun Blood 2

Out of nine possible rounds, the first one features a difficulty level of 20% and has you face off against a similar-looking opponent in a duel straight out of a Western flick. The controls are very simple; you use the mouse to adjust the level of your barrel and the left click to shoot. In the lower left corner is an image of your gun’s chamber. Whenever your mouse cursor isn’t placed on the chamber, the game is paused indefinitely, but once you hover over the chamber, the action begins. After a three-second countdown, you must remove your cursor from the chamber, point it towards the enemy and fire as soon as possible. Accuracy is key here, as shooting different places on the characters’ bodies causes varying levels of injury. The bullet impact and injury animations are very graphic, and there is no shortage of blood once one of the models gets shot. Each character has a health bar, located in the upper left corner, and the location of the bullet wounds determines how quickly it goes down. Both of you have six bullets in the chamber each, and if both chambers are emptied and neither of you is dead, the round is restarted. See how quick you are on the trigger in Gunblood 2.

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